The Hanbok is the Korean traditional dress.

Han symbolizes the word “Korea” and “bok” means dress, so when we say Hanbok, we literally mean “korean dress” .

The primitive dress, the one which gathers everybody together from inmemorial times, and which has been the daily typical dress korean population has been wearing for centuries.

A custom is nearly a flag, based in simple and polished lines full of symbiotic colors, which Korean population still use in great celebrations, as a respectful sign to their history.



The han collection is inspired in styles and colours of the population hanbok. Peasants, artisans, merchants, who made their hanbok in more plain fabrics, such as cotton, starched hamp, ramio and a more subdued color palette, from grey to worn out pink.

han mixes the essence of Korean female dress giving it its own identity and eastern Characteristics. The result is a collection for girls, comfortable and versatile, in which you can match and overlap the different items of clothing and footwear with a different desing.


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